Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh the Talent..

Tonight we got to see our kids' talent in the Primary Talent Show. Abby played the top part of a duet of "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" I was supposed to accompany her, but was informed just prior to her performing that she would rather do it alone. I wasn't sure if I should feel upset or not. She did an awesome job though. She is getting to be quite accomplished and does well performing in front of others. Kaleb's talent was cookies. He came home from school today and made "Dipped Gingersnaps." I helped only in that I cracked the eggs and made a million little balls of dough to get ready to bake. I had to laugh at a comment that Kaleb made while cooking. We were talking about making mistakes and how a small one can ruin whatever it is that you are making. He says to me, "Well, Mom, it is OK that I make mistakes because I am a work in progress." Kaleb has had a talent his whole life in that he has these very adult words and phrases that just pop out at the correct time and make so much sense. He just tickles me sometimes with his wit.

My kids have great talents and I am so glad that I get to watch and see what comes next. We are all works in progress. Don't I know it.


VikiViki said...

Your kids have a large talent base in their genes! So wonderful that your boy loves to cook. Mine love to sew! Crazy!

emmettfamily said...

That would have great to have sat and listened to Abby and to have tasted Kalebs cookies. They are growing up more and more every day, I'm going to turn around one of these days and Chad, Abby and Kaleb will be all grown up..

Annie said...

Your family is so talented. It's good to hear your Kaleb is carrying on the Weinand cooking great tradition.

It's good to see the old church gymn.