Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Drumstick, Gravy, Nugget, and all the rest

Many of our friends have asked us to send pics of our chickens. We decided to get chickens to see if it was cost effective to raise our own birds for the eggs and meat. We also wanted to have a use for some of our 14 acres of land that we moved onto last year, also giving some responsibilities to our kids. Well, here is our coop that my husband built for me to house the chickens. We have been told it's the Taj Mahal of coops, but I love it. Brian worked on it all summer while the chicks got big in the garage. He used all the "leftovers" from our house, so it matches. The windows are from my mom's house, as we replaced hers this summer. We hung our antique tools from my grandpa on the back and the run faces the southern sun. Our chickens love their home, and have even tried to be "free range" when the kids have left the door open. As for the cost effective part- it remains to be seen, but we are also trying to raise our kids too and is there a cost limit on that?


VikiViki said...

That is a nice looking chicken coop. I bet the kids are loving that. My kids will be jealous when I show them! Oh - and their names are awesome! I think you could name one "Cordon Bleu"!

connie said...

wow that is a good looking chicken coop. i think i have shacked up in lesser circumstances before! they are chickening it off in style! love ya!