Saturday, September 20, 2008

All is safely gathered in..

Abigail got back from Mallo Camp yesterday. She was so full of news about all her adventures. She loved it, and wishes she could go again. I was thrilled to hear of all her fun adventures, and just as thrilled to have her home once again. A hymn came to mind last night as I checked on all my sleeping "chicks" before going to bed. There is a line in Come, Ye Thankful People Come that just echoed in my mind "all is safely gathered in." The next stanza is e're the winter storms begin - I am not ready for that, but I still know that all is well when we are all together. The times that we are all together seem to get farther apart as activities and schedules keep us going. Chad left this morning at 6am for a scouting activity so tonight I will be able to once again think, "all is safely gathered in." I am thankful for my family and that we can be together forever.


Annie said...

It is so crazy how big all of your kids are getting... You guys sound super busy.

You have got a deal on the whole canning picture taking thing... Too bad we live 600 miles apart. Sometimes I really miss GIllette, it would be fun to see all of you guys again.

VikiViki said...

Such beautiful sentiment. Rings true with my family as well - everyone running in 10 different places at once. I love it when we catch a quiet (albeit quick) moment together.

Burton Family said...

I was excited to see your blog.
I know what you mean about 'safely gathered in'. It has always been a nightly ritual for me to go around and do a double check/love for my kids once they are all asleep. It bears a sting now, as I am sure you feel also. It is one of the things that has been hardest for me, not being able to have all those chicks under my wing.
Your family is sure growing up. Great to see you busy and happy.