Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Here..

Well, once again I have neglected my blog far longer than was ever intended. This summer just flew by, and left me in the dust wondering where the time went. We accomplished a lot this summer - namely, Brian finished his Master's Degree. He has received his diploma, so I guess it is official. We added a few more animals to our menagerie, and are loving every minute of it. We hatched some chicks from our incubator (twice)

and one of our peacock hens hatched a few of her own eggs. We also got two miniature cows to eat down our weeds and in turn we will eat them eventually. :)

We went to a few family reunions and had some friends stop to visit us on the way through. We spent a few days on the boat, and wish as always that there were a few more days to boat.

The kids are now back in school and doing well so far. (Their first day of school pictures are updated on the blog too.) Chad is in Junior High now and has suprised his Mom on his organizational skills, and hasn't gotten lost once. Abby and Kaleb moved up a year in school too, Abby is now a 6th grader and loves being the big kid on campus for one more year. Kaleb is in 3rd grade and is enjoying it. He is reading at a 5th grade level, so is a challenge to his teacher to keep busy. Izzy started Preschool for her speech and loves every minute of it. Rachel is Mom's big helper and is sure that she should be going some place too. Brian and I are just the same - just trying to keep up with the kids and have a few minutes for us too. Brian is excited to start teaching his night woods class this week, and I am signed up to take a photography class next month, so we are still learning and doing too. Hope everyone is well and happy. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.