Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Renaissance Dance

Our Stake hosted a Renaissance Dance, where the youth were shown how to dance the "old-fashioned" dances. There was a caller, all the girls had a dance card, and we danced dances like the Virginia Reel, and Scottish Polka. The youth practiced for months on Saturdays and Wednesday nights so that they could learn what to do. I was lucky as a YW leader to get to be a part of this fun night.
I originally thought that I wouldn't be able to attend, and it broke my heart that I wouldn't get to be there. I spent most of the week before helping my friend sew her dress, and the green eyed little monster drove me crazy with jealousy because I really wanted to go. Well, Brian decided that I was going, and in a hurculean effort, we sewed a dress in 5 hours, and went to the dance. He will be forever my hero, because in one day he sewed and danced for me. Brian is not a dancer, despite his wife trying to talk him into it. Well, I figured I would be watching from the seats, but Brian drug me out there and we danced all but 3 of the 12 dances. I loved every minute of it. Thank you Brian - I love you!

The Gillette 2nd ward girls and leaders that were there.
My friend Erin - I helped her with her dress.


Jami said...

Awww! That's such a great dress! How wonderful!

The Emmett's said...

Looks like you had a great time.. Proud of Brian for going out of his comfort zone to show his wife how much he loves and cares for her.. You guys are great..

VikiViki said...

you look beautiful...sounds like fun time! We can't wait to see you guys soon!