Monday, April 5, 2010

Abby's 12th Birthday!

My Abby-girl turned 12 this year. If I didn't already have a 13 year old, I wouldn't think I was old enough to have a 12 year old. She is growing up to be a beautiful girl and I love her more everyday. I am excited that she gets to come to YW with me every week, and it is fun to see her blossom in class with the other YW. She is not the wall flower her mom was, and I love it. She recently had the whole class laughing at something, and surprised them all.
For her birthday we skipped school, went on a make-up buying spree (only a few things), and went out to a fun lunch. I loved having this time with Abby, while being with Mom is not just awful. We had a great time, and had great food. We ordered our favorite fried pickles and hamburgers. Then we came home and cut out a dress for Abby, as I am completely disgusted with most of the styles for girls these days. So trying to continue on with my goal for this year, here is 12 reasons that I love this girl!

1. Abby is my best helper, and rarely complains about anything that I ask her to do.
2. She is such a good sister to the little girls - they love it when she sits and reads to them.
3. Abby is a good friend - she loves to have her friends over, and can usually be found teaching them to cook, feed the animals, or anything else they are interested in.
4. Abby is very ambitious, and can be found doing her homework as soon as she gets home, so that she can get it done. I always laugh when she is doing "extra-credit" with her straight A's.
5. Abby still is willing to let me play with her hair - most of the time.
6. She has an infectious laugh that makes people want to laugh with her.
7. She is a good example to her friends and family.
8. Abby has a tender heart and is loving to any and all around her.
9. She is responsible, and I don't have to worry that she won't do what needs to be done. She does it all on her own.
10. She is beautiful inside and out.
11. She still thinks her Mom is fun.
12. I love Abby because it is hard to stop at 12 things to say about how wonderful she is.

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone on our "girls day out."

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Carissa said...

SO fun! I bet she'll remember that day always! I can't believe she's 12! Yikes I'm getting old! :)