Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Isabella is 4!!

Yesterday was Isabella's birthday, and I had every intention of putting her on here yesterday, but I have lost my adapter to put pictures on my computer, so I will have to add pictures later. I am going to borrow an idea from a friend (thanks Viki) and give 4 reasons that I love and appreciate Izzy.

1. Isabella approaches everything in life like a cheerleader. She is a little dingy(no offense to those cheerleaders), but she just loves everyone and everything. Everything is "her favorite", and everyone is her "best friend."

2. Isabella is very appreciative of things that she gets. She always says thank you. Usually followed by "I love it."

3. I love Isabella, because she has helped to heal my heart just a little.

4. I love Isabella, because she gives the best hugs, and is always ready to say "I love you".

We had a little family party for her last night - she had a princess cake, and got training wheels, a horn for her bike, some tinkerbell toys, a backpack, and a purse and a dolly from her grandma.
My present for her birthday, was that she came to me and said "I am too big to wear Pull-Ups." She went to bed in big girl underpants, and woke up dry. Whoo, hoo!


Jami said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Izzy! :) And dry? That's so awesome!

VikiViki said...

That IS the best present! I LOVE the potty-trained stage! And thanks for reminding me to catch up on a child I have forgotten to blog about who also recently turned 4!!! oops.

The Emmett's said...

Glad to here the Birthday went well. It is amazing how fast they grow up.. Dry is the best!! Ya for Izzy...

Cordell and Karen said...

I love you new picture! YOu have totally updated your blog! I tried, I had pics downloaded and was trying to post them and then had a mommy moment and couldn't get back to the computer and my son closed out everything. I was too mad to start again. I'll get there, eventually! yours looks really great, though! I need to do that same, soon!