Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Sigh of Relief

I have to admit that I am glad that Christmas is over. I feel as if I held my breath for the last month, hoping that maybe I would get all my projects done, dealing with new projects that popped up, and trying to keep a good attitude through it all. Well, the projects all got done, and I know I could have had a little better attitude, but despite it all, December has come to an end. I am thankful for all those that sent Christmas cards out - I love seeing how your families are growing and hearing what everyone is up to. Thanks also for the little notes of encouragement from those that know what a hard month December is for me. I made it through another season without Em and some years are better than others. The highlight of our Christmas, was that we decided to get our negatives printed onto discs at Walgreens. It was an expensive gift to ourselves but more than worth it. We found we had more pics of EmmaLee than we knew and have had so much fun looking at all the pics of our trips and adventures with our family. The favorite gift was Brian's digital frame that we have loaded with a ton of pictures and we all enjoy watching them flip through.

As it is time again to make a goal for the new year, I have decided that my goals for this year are that I am going to try to be nicer to my husband, and that I am going to try to finish all my un-finished projects. I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish both, and do so without too much struggle. I hope that all of your goals will be met this year too. Happy New Year to all! I am attaching a "the way we were" photo that we had fun looking at.


VikiViki said...

Thanks for the post. It was so fun for me to see that picture of your little family - back in the day - that is so chock-full of memories of when we lived by you guys. Aaaah - those were the days. I feel bad that there have been so many in between then and now that we have missed out on - but I am loving this blogging thing so that we can somewhat keep up! Have a wonderful New Year and good luck on those goals.

Young Family Adventures said...

Your picture is so cute!! That is the Weinand family we remember!!! So fun to see it! I am sorry I didn't realize that Dec. was such a hard time for you - not knowing it is when you lost your sweet Em. I am so sorry & hope that the year ahead will be a fun & happy filled one for you & all your family.

connie said...

Cute pic my dear. I miss Em too. I remember when I was there that last time I saw her and I was naughty and went and woke her up even though she was taking a nap so I could give her some loves before I left, she was so cute and lovey and she got right up and gave me a big hug and then layed back down like a good little girl. At the time I was just thinking she would change so much by the next timeI saw her. We will always miss our little angel. Love you.