Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get On the BandWagon

Hi all,
I felt like all who read my blog probably would be interested in something that I found out about today. Congress is passing a bill that will prohibit any selling of goods for kids 12 and under that have not been thoroughly tested by the FDA for lead. That means no more little craft store goodies such as cute barrettes, no more DI purchases, in fact, DI will probably be put out of business. No more garage sales, etc. Please go to this site to let your representatives know that this is not what you want. This was not really advertised that this was happening and the bill passed with little to no naysayers. They are calling the day this goes into effect National Bankruptcy Day. I know most of you take advantage of the great deals you can find here and there at garage sales, and I even like to have the occasional garage sale to pass the deals along. That will no longer be allowed - so where will all our junk go? Straight to the dump - What happened to going green? Hope this enlightens a few of you.

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