Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holding everyone a little closer..

I didn't have a picture or anything to blog with today, but I needed somewhere to write what I was thinking. Today I learned that a Dr. that I worked with, and who took care of my children, lost her husband in an accident. I am heartsick for this sweet woman, she has three small children, all of whom have lost their daddy too. I have spent the afternoon thinking about my life, the experiences that I have had, and selfishly wondering if I have it worse or better. Five (yes, five) years ago when my little Em left us, I had a hard time thinking that happiness was any part of the future. As time has gone on, some days I have felt guilty that I was happy without her being here. Today I am just glad that I have what I have, that I have the opportunity to see my little one again, and I am eternally thankful for my best friend who is still by my side. So for tonight, I will hold them all a little closer, for an instant longer, and thank my Father in Heaven for the blessings that I hold dear. Thanks to for all the friends that have helped me come leaps and bounds from where I was five years ago.


VikiViki said...

Oh no! Who was it? I can't even believe it's been over 5 years. It will be so neat to see all our loved ones again one day - somedays I can hardly wait for it - other days I realize that I myself have much work to do still! Love you guys.

Cordell and Karen said...

OK, now I'm crying...I've been an emotional mess lately...

So sorry for your friend. What happened? I have been feeling extraordinarily blessed over the last while for the blessing falling asleep each night beneath the roof of my home with 7 people...all my family, knowing they are all safe and warm in their beds. Tell your friend that my heart hurts for her.

And, don't feel guilty for being happy, you know Em would be very comforted knowing your heart is mending. God wants us all to be happy, not just in the after life, but while we are here, too.

MIss you!