Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Recipe

Hi all. I decided that I would put a new recipe on my blog each week, as I love to try new recipes. For now, I will just put recipes on that I have tried and then let you know whether or not they were "family friendly". I don't know if I can just put the recipes on here if I got them from a certain site, so I will just tell you where to get them for now. Tonight we had a recipe that I got off the internet from Paula Deen. You can find the recipe by searching her recipes on the Food Channel. We had Chicken Spiedini's and spaghetti squash. The chicken is wrapped around a chunk of asiago cheese and then rolled in olive oil and bread crumbs. These are great! The spaghetti squash I cooked up in the microwave and then put butter and parmesan cheese in it. I can't say that it was the best looking meal, but everyone ate it up. When feeding my family spaghetti squash, I always treat it like spaghetti noodles and serve it in some way related to the noodle and then my kids will eat it. How is that for tricky? Anyhow, give this a try and let me know if you like it.

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VikiViki said...

That chicken sounds delicious. I also tried an internet recipe for dinner tonight. It was a penne pasta with fresh mozarella chunks and canadian bacon. It had a ton of other ingredients and took a lot longer than I had planned on - but Greg and the kids loved it - so I guess I will have to start trying to spend a few more than my usual 15 minutes in the kitchen! =) You are an inspiration.